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2 Ways to Give Online!


     Thank you for continuing to support Cowboy Country Fellowship. We are able to reach more people with the life-saving message of Jesus because of your generosity. Click the button below to start giving today. 



Text-to-Give for Donors

Text-to-Give donors can initiate a donation by texting the amount of their donation to 84321.


When a donor initiates their first Text-to-Give donation, our system will respond with a message that includes a setup link. Tapping this link will take them to their mobile browser, and walk them through these steps:

  1. Find your church: Giving will use the donor's geographical location and phone number to suggest churches nearby (within 20 miles). If your church is not listed, or the donor isn't within the geolocation radius, they can search by your church's address, city, or ZIP code, and filter results by church name.

  2. Log in to your profile: After choosing a church, donors will be asked to enter their name and email address to either create a new donor profile (first time donors), or log in to access their existing donor profile (returning donors).

  3. Add or select a payment method: First-time donors can add a payment method to be used for this initial donation and future donations. Existing donors can log in to their profile to select a previously saved payment method. 

  4. Submit the donation: Once a donor submits their donation, this will initiate that first donation and enable Text-to-Give for future use. 

After setup, donors can simply text their donation amount to 84321 to initiate an online donation. 

Donors can only have Text-to-Give enabled with one organization at a time. If a donor has given via Text-to-Give to another church that uses Giving in the past, they must disconnect from that other organization before they can set up Text-to-Give with your church. 

Giving to Different Funds

By default, Text-to-Give donations will go to your account's Default Fund unless another fund is specified. A donor can indicate a specific fund by appending the fund name after the donation amount. (For example: "$5 building")

Donors can also split donations between funds in a single text by listing the amounts and fund names for each fund. (For example: "$5 missions $6 building")

To make fund selection easier for Text-to-Give donors, you can set up Fund Shortcuts for each of your funds.

Account Management

Donors can update their Text-to-Give payment method or disable Text-to-Give from their donor profile. To do this, donors can follow these steps:

  1. Go to your church's donation form, and click Log In in the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the page

  2. Enter your email address/phone number to receive a verification code to your email/text inbox, and enter that code on the login page.

  3. After logging in, click that same dropdown and select Profile.

  4. On your profile, click My Giving

  5. Scroll down to the Text-to-Give section of the page and click the pencil icon to edit


Donors can also text "STOP" to 84321 to disable Text-to-Give, but because of carrier restrictions, the donor may need to also text "START" to 84321 to assure Text-to-Give can be used in the future.

Thank you for your giving to help further the kingdom of God!

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