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A Gift from God


     In early 2010, Cowboy Country Fellowship was just a thought of a cowboy church in the Oologah/Talala community given by God. We started pursuing the passion God put in our hearts by visiting other cowboy churches in Oklahoma and Texas. We looked for what worked in each one we visited. In 2011, we ran in the local newspaper, that we were having our first meeting to organize the un-named cowboy church. In that first meeting, walked in Wayne and Myrna Teafatiller accompanied with Scott and Peewee Canfield and Karen Gaylord.


     Wayne and Myrna had planted a church in Ohio and pastored there for 26 years. The experience they brought to this un-named cowboy church was a gift from God. Before Wayne was saved, he was a rodeo cowboy, that loved to fight as much as he loved to rope. After he was saved, he became a graduate at Rhema Bible College and was on fire for Jesus with a greater passion to reach the lost, than he ever had for the rodeo or for fighting. Besides pastoring in Ohio, Wayne and Myrna pastored in Beaver, Oklahoma for 3 to 4 years. The couple helped start a cowboy church in Athens, Texas. Wayne wrote a book called “Forgiveness:Key to the Kingdom”, a must read book.


     In those early meetings, Cowboy Country Fellowship was born. Our first service was November 13, 2011 and had 164 folks in attendance. Through their experience and Godly advice, Cowboy Country Fellowship is a place where folks can find Jesus as their Savior.


     Pastor Wayne went to be with Jesus on July 9, 2012. He left behind even a greater gift from God, his wife Myrna Teafatiller. We call her "Mama Myrna" because she is truly the mother of Cowboy Country Fellowship.


     Mama Myrna went to be with Jesus also on November of 2021. She will surely be missed. 


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