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 Fund Raisers


     We have something for everyone that wants to assume the responsibility and the privilege of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ by all available means to our community and across this great country, “The United States of America”as well as the rest of the world.


     We have come a long ways since June 1st 2014. We have completed the stage, bathrooms and kitchen in a hay barn over 50 years old.  We have two buildings 24’ X 67’, one that was donated, and one that was purchased. The 30 acres, two barns, buildings and all the improvements are paid for. We are excited about that!


     We have started the arena as of March 2015, we are also launching the cattle project that will feed the community, the cattle will be raised on the 187 acres, called Common Ground Ranch in Talala, Ok. We hope to start our new church building 70’ by 140’ that needs to be built and the list goes on.


As you can see, God has given us a big vision and a great compassion for the community, but we need your help.

Farm & Equipment

Our church has teamed up with Purple Wave, an internet auction service, to raise money for the Talala Facilities Fund.


We are in need of old tractors, farm equipment, construction equipment, used cars, mowers, garden tillers, trailers, travel trailers, and so on. Anything that would qualify under equipment, garden, vehicles, trailers, boats, and tools to be donated. In return we will give you a tax donation letter for your taxes. We are a 501 C3, a non-profit organization.


Most of us has these types of things setting around and has somewhat of a plan to do something with them someday. What a better thing to do with them than to use them to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ.


Purple Wave Auction is an Internet auction service. To be able to bid on items listed go to and sign up, it’s that simple.


This is an ongoing Internet auction and items can be donated at any time. After receiving your donation, it will be placed on the Purple Wave Auction Internet.


To donate: call Pastor Cletis T. Coe @ 918-630-6048.     

Ground Arena

     The arena is being built as a tool to reach the community. It will be 150’x250’ w/return, big enough for Rodeos. We will be having several events in the arena through out the year. Each one if those events will start with a 10-15 minute devotion. To help pay for the materials to build it, there is a few ways you can donate.


  • A donation of $150.00 - We will put your name or family name on the top rail of a 12 section (panel) of the fence around the arena.

  • A donation $1,000.00 will be considered as a Bronze donator.

  • A donation of $2,500.00 will be considered as a Silver donator.

  • A donation of $5,000.00 will be considered as a Gold donator.


     Bronze, Silver, and Gold Donators will be put on a plaque that will be hung by the crow’s nest.  This plaque will hang in plain view of the contestants as they check in for their event, whether it be a rodeo, play day, barrel race, roping, or whatever, they will be able to see who help make this ministry possible. They will also have their name on a 12’ section around the arena on the top rail for the spectators to see.


You can donate through our website “GIVE ONLINE”. Or send your check to CCF, PO Box 263 Talala, Ok 74080.

2535 Project
CCF Church

To build and sustain a herd of cattle that will

provide beef for the hungry in our community.


For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, Matthew 25:35   

Read more..... The 2535 Project


If you have would like to visit with someone about our fund raisers,

 or have questions, please email or call:

Cletis T. Coe


Tom Lisenby


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